~Beyonce~ Bust Vintage Mannequin

~Beyonce~ Bust Vintage Mannequin

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Vintage Mannequin Wig Bust African Black Female Realistic Glass Eyes BEYONCE

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Extremely rare vintage African American mannequin bust. Completely professionally refinished. Face custom painted and hazel brown glass eyes installed by Super Mannequin. Excellent condition. Painted in the dramatic yet natural make-up style of Beyonce. a slight tilt to her head gives her a soft and delicate look. My lighting gives off a yellow/warm hue so, even with some color correction, I don't think that she comes across with as much warm, yellow tones 

This is a tall bust (below the belly button) so she's perfect for showing long wigs without having the bottoms of the wigs hit the table

Shoulder mounts have been capped and painted the same skin tone color. Pierced ears.

This girl is very rare and high quality. Absolutely an authentic vintage piece. No wigs or accessories are included.

Sits firm and secure on her original wood base.

As vintage, realistic mannequins become more rare, their value only increases. This mannequin is not only an amazing merchandising tool and impossible to find, she is an investment as she is complete and absolutely one of a kind. Please feel free to ask questions.


Name: Beyonce

Maker: D.G Williams

Collection: --

Year: circa 1960's

Model: --

Refinished: by Super Mannequin

Accessories included: n/a

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