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GRENEKER Mannequin Female Sexy Laying Reclining Glass Eyes Full Realistic Vintage


  • Extremely rare vintage Greneker Wolf/Vine mannequin. Vintage Grenekers have become exceptionally desirable due to their ultra realistic look and high quality construction
  • completely professionally refinished to repair some finish damage over the years.
  • Face hand-painted in professional artist oil paints
  • Brand new soft glass eyes installed in honey brown 
  • realistic breast
  • nude-chocolate nail paint
  • "pierced" belly button. Jewelry shown IS included (2 piece)
  • separates arms, hands torso and legs - not posable.
  • styrofoam foam head insert as all Greneker mannequins have
  • sorry but no wigs or other accessories shown are included


  • some minor chipping on the rim of the head opening. Causes no issues whatsoever and is fully covered by any wig
  • May contain minor scuffing on the back where the surface makes contact.


Era circa: 1980's

Designer: Greneker Wolf/Vine

Made in: USA

Color(s): 5

Material(s): fiberglass

Condition: excellent/refinished

Name: Maria (Head code: MW)

Collection: RR
Code: RR8

Accessories: touch up paint kit

~Maria~ by Greneker Mannequin

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