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Mask Refresher Spray

Mask Refresher Spray


Distilled grain alcohol & Witch Hazel with an immune boosting, antibacterial blend of pure essential oils featuring Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Orange Sweet & Peppermint.


Since essential oils do not have long lasting fragrance, we can also add a touch of coconut perfume concentrate just for an added soft, summery sweetness.  Just select the perfumed version when you add it to your cart. ​


Please message us if you have a special request on essential oils or perfume concentrate to see if we can accomodate.


1 oz amber tinted glass spray bottle


These are not as strong as hand sanitizers because of the concentration of alcohol is too harsh to put near your face. These are a "refresher" to make wearing your mask more pleasant and the ingredients are known to have moderate sanitizing qualities. While these will have some antibacterial properties, these are not something that will completely sterilize your mask.

Even though we use a mild combination, there is a slight possibility of skin irritation with any essential oils.



1. Lightly spray 1-2 times onto cloth mask. Do not wear mask while spraying.

2. Allow about20 seconds to air-dry before using mask. Once dry, your mask is refreshed and ready to go!


  • Do not apply while mask is on your face
  • This is NOT a replacement to washing and/or disinfecting masks
  • Not tested for children under the age of 12.
  • Avoid eye contact
  • For primary use on cloth masks
  • Not for continued use on N95 or Surgical Masks.
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