Get in on the LAST OF THEIR KIND 1970’s pewter skull rings. 

💀 yes, that IS the otherworldly talented Reeve Carney from the amazing Showtime series, Penny Dreadful, wearing his, that he got from us, during his 2017 tour!! 
These authentic vintage pewter rings were hand made by a traveling biker that would take these to the legendary biker rallies of the mid 70’s and sell them off of the back of his bike (where the tail converted into a little table). These were found tucked away when he was cleaning out his garage and we couldn’t resist buying the lot of them! 
We’ve sold out of most of them but have a few left. When they are gone...that is it...the end!
We will coat these before they are shipped since pewter is known to discolor the skin if it’s uncoated. The clear coating will wear off but a simple DIY touch up with clear polish will fix you right up.

7.5/8/8.5 • Vintage 70s Pewter Skull Biker Ring

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