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about us

Vulture Culture Vintage began operation in 2005. Our goal was to pay homage to fashions from decades past and support our animal rescue efforts. We continually research current fashion trends and apply genuine vintage garments, blended with a modern wardrobe, to create a uniquely individual look. Why buy retro ‘style’ when you can have the ‘real deal’ that has withstood the test of time, while sparing our landfills from needless waste of modern synthetic reproductions?


All of our items are specially selected, cleaned and often mended or respectfully altered to make sure our clients look their best. Our mission is to combine fashion, preservation, an eco-friendly philosophy and timelessly stylish garments to our clientele. With over 700 one-of-a-kind items available, in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, you're guaranteed to find something as unique as you are.


10% of all vintage furs sales are donated to various wildlife and conservation agencies to fulfill our commitment to fund rescue and rehabilitation of our wild animal friends. We make all of our donations and wildlife conservation efforts known publicly on Facebook. Also, for every VINTAGE fur that is preserved and sold, we prevent perpetuating the market for NEW fur. We do not believe that people will stop buying and wearing fur, so we honor the ones that have survived 25-50 years, to keep them wearable for generations to come. We feel strongly, that there is nothing more disrespectful to animals that have been farmed and used for fashion, than to be thrown in the dump or pointlessly vandalized. We've donated over $2,000 to help fund wildlife rescue in just the 2012/2013 season and kept over 36 NEW furs from being purchased!


We operate our own dog rescue, ADAPT, in which we pull ‘last chance’ animals from shelters, to foster, rehabilitate and re-home them. We often hold donation drives for other hard working and deserving rescues such as:


America’s Dog Pit Bull Rescue in Louisiana
Minnesota Boxer Rescue
Coastal Boxer Rescue in Florida
Fire Chicks Rescue Dogs
Muncie Animal Shelter
Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary
The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee


Our clients range from the savvy, everyday gal, to the fashion elite. Respect yourself by always looking your best, while respecting the environment and loving all living things.

Owner/Operator: Michelle Seibold

-Vulture Culture

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